Glitchy Bits

Bot | Glitch | Webcam

I enjoy making tools to mangle images, and have recently been revisiting some ideas based on modifying/breaking a JPEG encoder.

I'm working on-and-off on a tool (app/thing) to let you glitch images with a decent amount of control, but in the meantime have made a couple of quick-ish experiments using a modified JPEG encoder.

Bad camera

Glitch your face up... or anything really. This experiment processes frames of video taken from your webcam to create a glitchy video effect. There are a lot of different parameters controlling the effect, all of which are picked at random (within 'safe' ranges) for each frame.


Is a twitter bot (my first!) that will glitch any image tweeted to it. Like bad-camera, you have no control over the settings, and results range from almost no change, to total destruction.

Thanks have to go to Daniel Shiffman for pointing out that making a twitter bot is pretty easy when things like Node.js and Heroku exist. His videos on the subject certainly saved me a lot of searching and head scratching.