Abstract | Art | Image Processing

I recently found myself processing photographs until they lost any resemblance to the original. By repeatedly combining the output of various basic processes they soon became a mixture of noise, compression artifacts, and colours.

But eventually, a shape or pleasing pattern would emerge from the mess and I could start being more selective with the processing to try and encourage complimentary features and structure within an image.


2405 (above) is a good example of the process; It's one of my favourites, but I don't know what it started as, and have no way to reproduce it.

The destructive nature of these processes was a concious choice. I'm used to working in a world where everything is undoable, and no changes are lost. It's freeing to work with no path back to earlier versions. While searching for patterns it almost doesn't matter what you do, only that you do something. All changes have potential.


Starting with no plan or theme in mind, whatever finally emerges from the noise is a culmination of all the things I think I've seen in the chance arrangement of some pixels.

This is something I will continue to explore.


Some of these will end up on flickr when there's more of a collection, and I want to make the highres files and/or prints available to purchase somewhere too.