Voronoi Wallpaper

Design | Generative

At the end of a corridor, at the top of some stairs, there is a small wall with a window. A wall that was originally covered in what would be best described as a dark floral pattern, with an oddly furry texture. There was some bubbling and peeling around the edges, but that wasn't the main factor when deciding to replace it.

I knew I wanted to make something new for the space, a print or wallpaper to cover it. Something purpose-built and generated with code. Having recently spent a lot of time playing with voronoi tessellation (see Chromata), I thought it would also be nice way to generate a wallpaper design.

After measuring the wall, I made a simple scale-drawing of the area and marked some points of interest that would become the centres of cells in the voronoi field. I already had a little Flash project that generated these tesselations from a collection of points, so it made sense to start there and put its crisp vector rendering to use. The sketch was transferred at a scale of 1px to 1cm, and the points were positioned on top.

The program would process the points and draw the resulting voronoi diagram to the stage before scaling it up, and drawing the (huge) resulting image to a bitmap. I could then encode and save the bitmap as a transparent PNG that would form the basis of the final image.

The size of the final print image for the wall was 14567 x 20315 px, which was printed at 1650 x 2380 mm (200 dpi), split into two vertical drops.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. The paper it was printed on required the wall to be pasted (rather than the paper), which certainly helped when it came to hanging and lining up the two main drops before trimming to fit. The window itself is inset quite a way into the wall, so I also made three extra panels that continue the design as it wraps into the wall.