Hi. I'm Mike, and I like to make stuff.

This site houses a collection of things I've made, and some that I'm still working on. You can't comment on projects here, but please do say hi and ask questions on Twitter or by email.

Me? I'm (primarily) a programmer with a passion for creative coding and 10+ years of making websites, apps, and digital things for a range of clients. Some recent client projects include:

  • Gyder micro-mapping app + platform. Consultancy, planning, and development — Android, iOS, Flutter, Firebase.
  • An "Incident Tracker" health and safety reporting app for the construction industry (link/info available on request). Consultancy, planning, and app development — Android, Firebase.
  • Educational browser-based games; Mini Beast Misson, Power Puzzles Gameplay and UI programming — Phaser, JS, HTML, CSS

Take a peek at my CV and get in touch if you want to know more, or need a seasoned developer to help plan and realise your next project.

More recently I've been spending spare moments making digital art and sculptures, but I also enjoy working in that place outside the computer screen; a land where objects are three-dimensional, and have a host of physical properties. Creating something 'real' and using my hands for tasks other than typing is a welcome change of pace.

If you like the things you've seen here, then I'd love to work with you. I'm available for development consultancy, freelance work, and commissions.

Thanks for popping by.